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Concrete stairs are among the most stable and solid constructions. Concrete base gives the possibility of applying different variants of finish.
The most frequently used finishing material is wood, however an interesting alternative, especially in modern interiors, is the use of glass and metal.
Wood is used in the full development of concrete structure, or by applying it only on walkable parts, so called treads.
The selection of the type of concrete stairs’ finish is very wide and depends on the nature of the interior, and investors' preferences.



Carpeted stairs are often referred to as minimalistic. Their construction is characterized by the lack of stringers leaving only the steps, risers and baluster - though the latter is not always present.
Material which is used for designing the stairs, is obviously all kinds of wood, plywood, metal (mainly applied as a connecting element) as well as glass, which, when used in the construction of handrails can manifest the main feature of carpeted stairs -  their minimalistic form.



Curved stairs are frequently chosen solution, because of their very attractive design and high functionality of application.
Thanks to unlimited design possibilities, this type of construction can be used in small-size properties. Curved stairs are entirely made in our factory and then transported to the client, at the installation site.
Material used for the curved staircase is wood, of the highest quality, domestic and exotic. Stairs of this type are often supplemented with metalwork or sculpture.



Stairs on construction, as the name suggests, are mounted on a component or structural elements and are made, for example, of wood or metal.
Often, they form an openwork composition, which allows creating the feeling of lightness to the room, as well as additional lighting in the staircase.
The use of such solutions is mainly suited for modern design concepts, and by using materials such as powder-coated steel, glass or stone we can produce a very courageous composition.